Social Distancing Screens for Cafeterias and Dining Halls

As the world slowly returns to normal, schools, colleges and other educational establishments are searching for ways to implement social distancing measures in a way that keeps staff and students safe, without interfering with their education.

Various measures such as social distancing and room dividers in classrooms can go a long way towards this – but what about large communal areas such as cafeterias and dining halls? As experts in social screen manufacturing, we can help you find the best possible COVID barrier screens to maintain a sense of normality – whilst still offering covid protection for those using the facilities.

How COVID screens and social distance panels can help keep your dining hall safe

From table dividers to seating dividers, we can help you find the best possible COVID barrier screens to help your student adhere to social distancing guidelines. Help staff feel safe whilst serving food or collecting payment, with social distance screens installed in any areas where they are likely to have prolonged contact with others. COVID panels can be installed quickly and easily in order to create a physical barrier where people may otherwise find themselves closer together than the government-recommended distances.

Effectively installed coronavirus screens can go a long way towards reassuring both staff and parents that you are creating as safe an environment as possible. Whilst there may be many challenges ahead, social distancing screens can be a positive step towards helping everyone in your school environment stay safe.

Bespoke and custom screen options

We can offer a wide range of COVID protection screens, whether that’s solid wall screens, or more discrete translucent screens or transparent screens. From amongst our acrylic and glass screens, there is also the option to have printed social screens, in keeping with your colour schemes and layout. We can also help you understand where fire-rated screens might be relevant, in your school dining hall.

It’s also important to think about how COVID protection screens can work best in the space that you have available. We offer modular screen systems, and linkable social partitioning screens to mean that you can make sure your COVID-19 screens can be adapted to fit the space available in your cafeteria or dining hall. Browse our full selection of café screens, and other screens for education providers, to see what we have on offer.



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