Social Distancing Screens for Classrooms

A classroom is a place where engagement and dialogue are encouraged, but post-pandemic, the rules of interaction will change as safety and hygiene are placed at the very top of the agenda. With our social distancing screens, it is possible to conduct lessons and seminars with pupil participation, while adhering to vital social distancing measures. Our COVID screening is both strong and stable, and you can also find an unmatched range of tailored options which allow you to customise your COVID screening according to the requirements of your classrooms.

Giving you the options which count

With Bespoke Social Screens, you make a pick from our three main category types – Wave Clearview, Window Clearview and Wall Original. There is a selection of core materials to choose from, including foam PVC, clear, twin-wall polycarbonate and opal. You are in charge when it comes to artwork too – you could choose to display safety messaging, project your school or college logo, or opt for patterns and single colours.

Our social distance screens come ready with everything you need to implement the system in your classrooms – including accompanying signage and floor stickers. Other bespoke options which can be selected include a variety of steel feet, corner blocks and painted frameworks.

Classroom benefits of COVID screens

Classrooms can be unruly places at times, and even in calm classes, old habits can mean that students will be naturally inclined to interact. Our social partitioning screens assist you in keeping pupils two metres away from each other, prevent them from sharing and touching the same surfaces, and can act as a barrier to accessing a classroom before they have gone through the hand sanitisation process. What’s more, you will be able to display social distancing warnings and reminders on the screens themselves.

Fire rated COVID screens

Did you know that Bespoke Social Screens offer fire rated screens which are provided with all the necessary certification? These are fire resistant screens that have been cleared for use in the classroom.



Bespoke Social Screens are with you every step of the way. We offer an expert consultancy in choosing the ideal social distancing system for your classrooms, including a full site visit. We deliver to educational institutions up and down the country, and also offer installation by our experienced personnel.


Get in touch today with any questions, or to book a site visit. Call 023 9266 3567.



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