Social Distancing Screens for Commercial businesses

Leisure, retail, health and beauty, tourism... whatever your commercial business, you'll be well aware that without stringent social distancing measures, it'll be a long time before you can start your recovery from the impact of COVID-19.

Fire-rated commercial business screening solutions

If your business is based in a large building, you may well be concerned that social distancing screens will hinder fire safety procedures when utilised extensively. At Bespoke Social Screens, fire safety is fundamental in our screen construction, which means that all options with the exception of Wall Economy are fire rated screens. If there were to be an emergency, these screens are an ideal option for commercial businesses requiring fire certification and offering that extra peace of mind should the worst-case scenario occur.

Additional space to advertise your services with printed social screens

There’s much opportunity to be had when it comes to utilising COVID-19 screens. At Bespoke Social Screens, we offer a number of custom printing services for our social distancing screen solutions, including printed graphics, painted framework and colour vinyl options to suit your company. This offers you an opportunity to advertise your services further, including, for example, upcoming public events; special offers; maps and guides to your property – especially helpful in locations such as theme parks – or anything else of your choosing.


Taking our workplace and environment seriously

Multiple transparency options

We’ve created three options that are all ideal for commercial businesses. The Wall is ideal as a total privacy partition screen, with plenty of space available for custom graphic solutions. The Wave has a transparent panel, ensuring a semi-private space while still enabling both advertising and clear zoning, while the Window is wholly transparent with an option for a translucent space if desired. Whichever option you choose, your customers will feel satisfied that you’ve taken ample measures to enforce social distancing, keeping them safe now and into the future.

Contact us today

A quick discussion with what you’re looking for is all we need to get started on creating COVID barrier screens that will work for your commercial business. We have a number of different prices and options available and we’re happy to consult with you on your specific needs and expectations.

If you would like to arrange a site visit, or have any questions about our screens, please call us on 023 9266 3567.

The System

Each of the partitioning options above will interlock with the others, allowing you to choose the elements you need.

The Wall

Fully bespoke partitioning system with a fire rated or non fire rated option.
This system forms a solid wall but is compatible with the Wave and Window systems.The

Fully bespoke partitioning system with a clear or transluscent panel option.
This system forms a semi-solid wall but is compatible translucent the Wall and Window systems.

The Window
Fully bespoke partitioning system with a clear or translucent panel option.
This system forms a mainly transparent/translucent wall but is compatible with the Wall and Wave systems.

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