Social Distancing Screens for Hairdressers

Hair salons have been hit badly by the COVID-19 pandemic, being forced to close for over three months due to lockdown. Hair salons planning to reopen post-lockdown must make social distancing a priority by introducing safety protocols and procedures to keep customers and staff safe at all times.

Maintaining 1 metre of distance between all customers and staff isn't always easy, and for hairdressers it's impossible. However, by equipping staff with PPE and installing social distancing safety screens, hair salons can open and operate safely for both staff and customers.

Where to use social distancing screens in hair salons

Perspex social distancing screens should be used in waiting areas and at the reception desk to keep staff and customers separate and to reduce the risk of transmission between people. Window clearview walls can be used at reception to ensure that clear communication is possible without staff and customers being placed at risk, with space made for transactions to take place safely.

COVID screens can also be used between styling stations and sinks to allow more customers to be seated and treated at once, allowing hairdressers to work at or near capacity without compromising on safety.

Choosing the right screens

Selecting the right screens for your hair salon is important; customers want a salon to feel safe, but not at the price of feeling claustrophobic or clinical. Many people look forward to their trip to the salon, so maintaining a relaxing, calming atmosphere is key even during these difficult times.

Transparent screens can be used to provide protection without making your salon feel dark or claustrophobic, allowing light and increasing visibility around the salon. Clear glass screens and perspex screens can be used between styling stations so that customers can still see and hear other people around the salon while remaining safe from COVID-19. These screens are also wipeable and easy to keep clean.

Make the most of your screens

Business owners across the UK should try to see screens as an opportunity to improve their business rather than a hindrance. Take advantage of the space and personality your screens can give to your salon: for example, print graphics onto one side of custom screens so that customers can browse your screens for hair inspiration and special offers while they wait.

Social distancing screens can also be used to provide signage at hand sanitising stations and remind customers that social distancing rules are in place at your salon. Sneeze screens and social distancing partitions, combined with high standards of hygiene, his will give your customers the peace of mind they’re looking for as they enter your salon.

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