Social Distancing Screens for Hotels and Spas

As the hospitality industry gradually starts to reopen, hotel and spa proprietors are facing the difficult challenge of meeting the government’s social distancing measures. This is particularly the case for establishments such as hotels and spas, where there are multiple areas in which large groups of guests would traditionally gather together in close proximity.

This means that there are likely to be lots of places in your hotel or spa that you need to think about COVID protection measures, such as COVID protective screens. Areas like restaurants are an important area for social distance screens to be implemented. Table dividers and seating dividers can provide a helpful way to ensure that distance is maintained between patrons – without impacting on their enjoyment.

Your hotel gym or spa is also an area where guests may mingle, and thus an important site for COVID barrier screens. Hygienic screens in communal areas of gyms can help your patrons feel safe, whilst encouraging them to stick to social distancing measures and cleaning regimens.

Coronavirus screens to help your staff and customers feel safe

As you ask your staff to come back to work, whether that is in a customer-facing role or not, you have a responsibility to help keep them safe. Any areas where staff interact directly with customers are an important consideration for COVID protection screens, which is why we offer a range of COVID screens for reception desks, as well as fire rated screens for restaurants and bar areas.

As experts in social screen manufacturing, we can work with you to find the most appropriate COVID screening protection measures for your establishment. Our wide range of commercial social screens are suitable for a range of practical uses, to help you meet government guidelines and to provide a reassuring statement of how important customer safety is, to anyone who is visiting your hotel.

Bespoke screens for spas

No doubt that you’ve worked hard to create an ambient atmosphere in your spa. Solid wall screens aren’t necessarily in keeping with the look you’ve set out to achieve, which is why we also offer a range of glass screens and acrylic screens. Not only that, but you can choose custom social screens, including printed social screens – to fit perfectly with the décor you’ve chosen for your spa.

Our modular screen systems and linkable social partitioning screens can be flexed and adapted to fit into large or smaller rooms, anywhere in your hotel or spa facility. You can choose translucent screens, or even transparent screens, in order to minimise the visual impact of these important social distancing screens.



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