Social Distancing Screens for Pharmacies

Throughout lockdown, pharmacies have remained open in the UK in order to offer vital services to those in need across the country. As a key service during the pandemic, pharmacies must adjust their working practices and procedures in order to minimise transmission of the virus and ensure the safety of both staff and customers.

Protecting staff and customers with social distancing partitions

It’s clear that pharmacies must be particularly careful of COVID-19 due to the high numbers of both unwell and vulnerable people who use pharmacies on a daily basis. For this reason, maintaining social distancing between customers and staff is the only way to ensure high standards of safety and security within the premises.

The best way to protect staff and patrons of pharmacies is to install COVID screens and to ensure all staff are equipped with sufficient PPE at all times, which ideally means masks and gloves. Hand sanitising stations at the entrance to the pharmacy will also encourage customers both to wash their hands before entering the shop, as well as serving as a reminder to consider the current pandemic and be mindful of others.

Social distancing partitions can be used in pharmacies to protect staff working behind the counter and to help customers to distance within the shop. These are particularly needed in small pharmacies where space is at a premium and social distancing is naturally more difficult.

Choosing the right social distancing screens

Custom clear perspex screens are the best choice for use in pharmacy reception areas, where staff must hand out medications to customers and take money. Glass screens and transparent screens offer protection from germs and sneezing without compromising on effective communication, and can be custom built to include spaces for exchanges of money and medication to take place. They also allow more light to pass through, ensuring that your pharmacy remains light and easy to navigate for customers and staff.

Our bespoke social screens can also be customised with digital prints to offer information, promotions and guidance to customers in your pharmacy. From signposting social distancing reminders to symptom checklists and handwashing prompts, you can use social distancing partitions to your advantage while also ensuring that both staff and customers feel safe in your pharmacy.

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