Social Distancing Screens for Pubs and Bars

As the world slowly returns to normal, the news that bars and pubs will be able to reopen has been greeted warmly by customers. However, there is little doubt that social distancing measures will be hugely important to protect patrons and staff, with COVID-19 screens being an essential part of the ‘new normal’ for the hospitality industry.

COVID screening that matches the look and feel of your establishment

Intrusive coronavirus screens and solid wall screens are unlikely to be a welcome addition to the communal areas of your bar or pub. Part of an establishment’s charm is the atmosphere, chatter, and sociability. So don’t settle for COVID screen protection that interrupts this ambience – instead, consider our excellent selection of transparent screens and translucent screens to help maintain a sense of space. We can help provide printed social screens – these bespoke custom social screens are the perfect solution to match the décor of your establishment. Whether you choose glass screens or acrylic screens, we can produce bespoke screens to help you create the look and feel that you want to achieve for your bar or pub.

Social distance screens for seated areas

COVID screens for seated areas in a pub or bar can take a number of different formats. You may choose to invest in table dividers or seating dividers, and you may also want to think about social partitioning screens at the bar itself. You can also make sure your staff and patrons feel safe and comfortable by implementing social distancing partitions in areas where they may be in prolonged contact – which might involve adding COVID barrier screens at reception desks or tills.



Commercial social screens for staff areas

Of course, it’s important how your restaurant screens look. However, equally important is that your social partitioning screens fit flexibly into the space you have available. That’s why we offer modular screen systems, and linkable social partitioning screens that you can work with to help create the layout that you need. Browse our full selection of restaurant screens to find out more.

Flexible social distance panels for all your bar or pub screen needs

Whatever the layout of your bar or pub, we can help you find a modular screen system that can be adapted to fit wherever you need it. Linkable social partitioning screens are a flexible solution to implement social distance panels in your bar or pub. Our wide range of custom and bespoke screens can provide everything you need, so browse our full selection of pub screens and COVID screens for bars now.




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