Social Distancing Screens for Restaurants

We know that business owners everywhere are keen to get back to work. However, with the continued risk of COVID-19, there are a number of ways that restaurant owners and managers are having to implement social distancing measures to help keep their customers and staff safe as they re-open. That is where we are here to help – with a huge range of social distance screens to help your restaurant safely operate with COVID barrier screens in place.

Coronavirus screens for all areas of your restaurant

In the context of a restaurant, screens might include table dividers or seating dividers, as well as COVID screen protection in a bar area, or social distance panels at reception desks or tills.

As well as social distancing screens to keep your customers safe, it’s also important to think about the areas where your staff might be at risk. There are a number of options for hygienic screens for food storage areas, and fire-rated screens for food preparation areas. We can also help you find the right kind of room dividers for communal areas like staff rooms. Our broad selection of custom social screens can be tailored to work anywhere in your restaurant.


Flexible covid screening designed with your restaurant in mind

The thought of filling your restaurant with obtrusive COVID screens might fill you with dread. After all, a big part of a restaurant’s charm is its ambience. As experts in social screen manufacturing, we are able to help you find exactly the right COVID-19 screens for your restaurant. As well as off the shelf options, we know that business owners are increasingly looking for bespoke social screens.

Solid wall screens might be suitable for some areas, but in dining areas you might prefer options of translucent screens or transparent screens, to help maintain a sense of space and openness. You can choose from a range of glass screens and acrylic screens, and of course, we can provide bespoke and custom screens – printed social screens designed to help work for the theme of your restaurant.


Covid screen protectors designed to fit your space

Of course, it’s important how your restaurant screens look. However, equally important is that your social partitioning screens fit flexibly into the space you have available. That’s why we offer modular screen systems, and linkable social partitioning screens that you can work with to help create the layout that you need. Browse our full selection of restaurant screens to find out more.



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