Social distancing screens for retailers

As lockdown restrictions ease, the high street needs to work hard to attract customers back to stores, and reassure them of safety and hygiene standards. You can control footfall inside your shops and make sure that social distancing measures are adhered to with our social distancing screens.

Our retail screens are strong and robust, and you can take your pick from a variety of customised options that will allow you to tailor a social distancing system to your specific store.

A plethora of distancing screen options

Choose from the three main Bespoke Social Screens categories – Wall, Wave and Window. You will also be presented with a range of core materials to pick from, such as opal, foam PVC, clear and twin-wall polycarbonate. When it comes to the artwork, you have full control. You could decide to display safety messaging and alerts on your social screens, or alternatively use your brand logo, special offers, and product information, as well as opt for patterns or plain colours.

Benefit from a full social distancing implementation pack which comes with floor stickers and signage. Select other bespoke options such as corner blocks, steel feet and painted or stained framework. Tick the boxes of safety, logistics and branding with our custom social screens.

COVID screen benefits for shops and retailers

Once your social distancing system has been implemented using our COVID screening, you can ensure the safe flow of customers in store, while protecting your staff. These bespoke social screens can help to keep shoppers the recommended distance apart while acting as a barrier to prevent customers from entering your store before they have gone through hand sanitisation steps. You’ll also be able to stop shoppers from touching the same surfaces, and thanks to our bespoke artwork offering, you can display safety messaging and warnings on the panels themselves.


Taking our workplace and environment seriously

Fire resistant linkable social partitioning screen

We can provide social distancing screens which are fire rated and come with all the relevant certification. These models have been passed for use in retail settings.

We plan, deliver and install

With Bespoke Social Screens, you have a social distancing partner which is with you throughout the entire process. We offer expert consultancy and full site visits, where required, deliver to any store in the UK and provide installation by our fully trained personnel.

Do you want to learn more about our COVID screen retail services? Call today on 023 9266 3567.

The System

Each of the partitioning options above will interlock with the others, allowing you to choose the elements you need.

The Wall

Fully bespoke partitioning system with a fire rated or non fire rated option.
This system forms a solid wall but is compatible with the Wave and Window systems.The

Fully bespoke partitioning system with a clear or transluscent panel option.
This system forms a semi-solid wall but is compatible translucent the Wall and Window systems.

The Window
Fully bespoke partitioning system with a clear or translucent panel option.
This system forms a mainly transparent/translucent wall but is compatible with the Wall and Wave systems.

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