Social Distancing Screens for Salons

For the past few months, salons all over the country have been unable to continue their operations as normal during the coronavirus pandemic, but under the current government guidelines, salon businesses are due to reopen again on the 4th July. However, this doesn't mean that your business operations can run as normal, as there are a number of health and safety measures you'll need to take in order to minimise the spread of infection between your staff and customers.

At Bespoke Social Screens, we want to make sure that your business is able to deliver beauty treatments to your customers without putting anyone’s health at risk. This is why we’ve created various social distancing screens to make sure that your business can continue to adhere to the government guidelines to remain COVID-safe.

What do social distancing screens do?

Plastic and glass COVID barrier screens are an effective method of providing employees and members of the public with a physical barrier to reduce the spread and risk of airborne infections.

Research shows that the coronavirus is spread from person to person via the airborne microdroplets emitted from infected people. Social distancing screens reduce the likelihood that these microdroplets will make contact with your face or hands so that they won’t be able to enter your body. There are still many uncertainties about the coronavirus and research is ongoing, but evidence suggests that people who are infected may not show any symptoms but are extremely contagious, so as salons around the UK open up to all customers, there is the risk that they could be carrying the virus.

When installed and maintained correctly by being sanitised regularly and used in conjunction with further distancing measures and thorough hygiene procedures, social distancing screens can play a major role in the fight against the spread of the virus.

Social distancing screen types

At Bespoke Social Screens, we offer a wide variety of glass screens and acrylic screens so that you can implement social distancing measures throughout your entire establishment. Whether you’re looking for COVID screen reception desks, seating dividers between salon chairs, room dividers or linkable social partitioning screens, our huge range of bespoke screens will provide you with the protection you and your clients need to continue your daily business operations as safely and as hygienically as possible.



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