Social Distancing Screens for Schools

With children heading back to school, hygiene and safety has never been a higher priority. Kids will naturally be keen to interact with each other and their teachers, and so our social distancing screens can be crucial to making sure these measures are adhered to.

All the choices which matter

Our solid wall screens are noted for their robust and stable nature, and we also offer a full selection of customisable options which are vital in tailoring wall systems to your school.

Our COVID screening is both strong and stable, and you can also find an unmatched range of tailored options which allow you to customise your COVID screening according to the requirements of your classrooms.

You will pick from our three category types for COVID screens – Wave Clearview, Window Clearview and Wall Original. There is also a variety of core materials to select from, such as foam PVC, clear, twin-wall polycarbonate and opal. The artwork is completely bespoke, meaning you can choose anything from plain walls to screens branded with your school logo, or display messaging which reminds pupils of their social distancing responsibilities.

When you buy from Bespoke Social Screens, you’ll get a full package which includes accessories such as signage and floor stickers, giving you everything you need for effective implementation on campus.

Then there are the other bespoke options which you can tailor to your requirements – such as corner blocks, steel feet and painted frameworks for your social partitioning screens.

Why does my school need COVID screens?

Once your social distancing screens have been installed, you will be able to exercise much more control over the flow of pupils throughout your site. These screens help you keep kids two metres apart, discourage them from touching the same surfaces, and can act as a barrier which prohibits children from entering a room or facility before they have sanitised their hands. You can also take advantage of our bespoke graphics to issue reminders on hygiene and social distancing.

Fire-resistant screens

You can choose social distance screens which are fire rated and come with all the relevant certifications, having been cleared for use in educational settings.



We offer a full consultancy on the logistical side of social distancing screen systems, including a full site visit. Once your bespoke screens are ready, we can deliver to any school in the UK, and our fully trained team also offer installation on site.

Do you have any questions about our screens for schools? Or perhaps you would like to book a site visit? Call Bespoke Social Screens on 023 9266 3567 or email us at



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