Social Distancing Screens for Shops

As you open your doors once again and welcome customers into your shop, you will naturally want to do everything in your power to keep your customers safe. Social partitioning screens are ideal for helping both your customers and employees maintain and abide by social distancing rules and regulations.

Versatile social distancing partitions for shops

No two shops are identical, and neither should their virus mitigation systems be. Custom social screens can be used to create safe layouts within a shop and can be perfectly adapted to meet the unique requirements of a store. For example, a shop with limited till space may require social distancing screens to section off the queue area, while a shop with a large number of employees may require COVID-19 screens behind the counter to keep employees distanced from one another.

How social distancing screens can help shops:

Employee Safety

Social distancing screens will protect your employees from customers and each other. Social distancing screens will prevent employees from coming within 2 metres of one another (where possible).


Visual Reminder

As lockdown restrictions continue to ease around the UK, some customers may begin to relax their sanitation standards and their commitment to following social distancing guidelines. Partitions will act as visual reminders to everyone in your shop that we are not yet living in a post-COVID-19 world and social distancing measures must still be followed.


Customer Safety

As a business owner, is it your responsibility to keep your customers as safe as possible. Social distancing screens will not only protect customers inside your store, but they will also give customers peace of mind that you are putting effective virus mitigation systems in place.


Clean and Hygienic

The high-quality screens and partitions we supply can be easily cleaned and sanitized. For example, our screens can be wiped cleaned frequently with disinfectant without reducing their quality. Our screens can also be cleaned with soap and water, or another form of detergent.


Shop Aesthetic

Our clear social partitions allow light to shine through, ensuring your shop remains as bright and welcoming as possible. This means that you can welcome customers back into the shop they love without the layout or aesthetic of your shop changing too significantly.


To learn more about the government’s recommendations for shops re-opening or how partitions can be used as part of an effective virus mitigation system, do not hesitate to contact us today.



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