Social Distancing Screens for Sports and Music Events

As the UK slowly eases its lockdown restrictions, more and more public venues are opening up for visitors, but normal practices are not set to return in the near future. In order to get your sports and music events up and running again, you will be required to adhere to the government's guidance with regards to implementing thorough hygiene measures and social distancing practices.

It’s no surprise then, that sports fans and music lovers won’t be sitting shoulder to shoulder in stadiums any time soon. If you are an event manager, however, and are concerned about the impact that the pandemic will have on your business, there are several things that you can do to ensure that you adhere to the government’s demands while keeping your spectators safe from infection in anticipation of a second wave, including installing high-quality social distancing screens.

The benefits of social distancing screens for sports and music events

At Bespoke Social Screens, we want you to be able to run your sports and music events without having to worry about creating a high-risk environment for the coronavirus to spread, which is why we’ve created an excellent range of social distancing panels in different shapes and sizes to minimise the risk of infection on your premises and keep your visitors safe, healthy and free to enjoy themselves without worrying about putting themselves and others at risk.

Social distancing panels are usually made of acrylic or glass and are made specifically to act as a physical barrier between people to make sure that they stay within 2 metres of each other at all times. The coronavirus is transmitted via airborne particles that are expelled from the nose and mouth, but with physical barriers like social distancing partitions in the way, there’s no way for the virus to spread through this form of contact.

Bespoke Social Screens range of social partitioning screens

Bespoke Social Screens is committed to providing all of our customers with social distancing partitions that work for them, which is why we offer an array of custom screens to suit your venue perfectly. Whether you’re looking for COVID screen protectors for ticket offices, seating dividers for stands or large COVID barrier screens to protect your on-stage talent, we have the bespoke social distancing screens for you.



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