Social Distancing Screens for Staff Rooms

As the UK's government-imposed lockdown restrictions are beginning to ease, small groups of primary and secondary school children are slowly being permitted to return to school, but normal lessons are not set to resume until September at the earliest.

Even when lessons do start again, schools are expected to adhere to government guidelines regarding hygiene and social distancing practices, both for students and teachers alike. Classroom sizes are expected to shrink to allow space between students and fewer teachers are expected to return to school premises in order to accommodate these smaller groups of children.

Social distancing in the staff room

As a teacher, you’ll know that the staff room is a haven of respite from the rest of the school premises, where teachers can take a break, relax or make a cup of tea. However, in order to adhere to social distancing measures, it is essential that all teachers and other staff members keep at least 2 metres of space between them. At Bespoke Social Screens, we want to make it as easy as possible for teachers to continue to enjoy their staff rooms while adhering to social distancing guidelines, which is why we’ve created a fantastic range of social partitioning screens to install in staff spaces to keep members of staff at a safe distance while minimising the risk of infection in anticipation of a second wave.

What are social distancing screens?

Social distancing screens are panels of acrylic or glass that are designed to act as a physical barrier between people to prevent the spread of the airborne particles that may carry the COVID-19 infection. These transparent screens are an affordable and simple way of keeping both staff members and students safe from infection while making sure that schools can remain open for as long as possible.

Bespoke Social Screens' social distance panels

At Bespoke Social Screens, we are committed to ensuring that teachers and other members of staff in schools feel safe to return to work while causing minimal disruption to their day-to-day lives, which is why we have designed an eclectic range of COVID barrier screens in different shapes and sizes to meet the individual needs of staff rooms all over the country. Whether it’s transparent table dividers to ensure that you can be sociable while eating your lunch, or seating dividers that allow you to take a rest from a long morning at work, our team of experts will create high-quality bespoke screens for your institution’s unique requirements.



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